4 Highlights of Our New Trader Joe's Connected Meal Plan

4 Highlights of Our New Trader Joe’s Connected Meal Plan

February 14th, 2018 Posted by Connected Meals 1 thought on “4 Highlights of Our New Trader Joe’s Connected Meal Plan”

TimeChop Kitchen Notes:

Our new Connected Meal Plan is destined to please our Trader Joe’s fans. We’ve created this meal plan to be fast and fresh, using only food items that can be purchased at Trader Joe’s. Sure, you can buy some of the ingredients elsewhere if you want, but the beauty of this meal plan is that you can go to Trader Joe’s and get everything on your shopping list. There are 4 highlights, aka features and benefits, we believe will speak to you.

1. Save Time Shopping

First of all, when you use the TimeChop app to plan your week of dinners and lunches, you will have an automated shopping list. Armed with the shopping list on your phone you will confidently enter your favorite Trader Joe’s store knowing exactly what you need. The shopping list is conveniently divided into grocery store sections which makes moving through the store even easier. No more aimlessly wandering the aisles trying to plan your meals. You can even check things off of your list as you put them in your cart! Plus, Trader Joe’s smaller size store’s make finding items easy and getting in and out fast.

4 Highlights of Our New Trader Joe's Connected Meal Plan

2. Fast Meal Prep

Secondly, we are featuring some of our favorite Trader Joe’s products that will help you get a healthy meal on the table faster. Frozen organic brown rice is ready in 3 minutes and the only ingredient is organic brown rice. Trader Joe’s green goddess salad dressing is ready to go and it doesn’t contain the added sugar, sodium, gums and preservatives found in most store-bought salad dressings. Plus it’s perishable and we think that is awesome!

We use TJ’s chile lime seasoning blend in some of the recipes to save time from measuring multiple spices. The steamed lentils, found in the produce area, are a quick add to a Carryout salad. The Core Meal features Trader Joe’s frozen wild Argentinian red shrimp that are peeled and deveined making your prep time a breeze. You’ll start your week with a delicious meal that pairs the shrimp with Trader Joe’s vegan kale, cashew & basil pesto, red lentil pasta, broccoli and butternut squash.

4 Highlights of Our New Trader Joe's Connected Meal Plan

3. Fresh Flavors

In addition, the fresh veggies with every meal and south of the border flavors are a hallmark of this Trader Joe’s connected meal plan. Make the Shrimp Tacos for dinner and then throw the connected Carryout (Tropical Rice Salad) together while you clean up and you’ll have two meals that scream freshness. The shredded green and red cabbage, cilantro, roasted tomatillo salsa verde and frozen mango chunks will give you visions of sunshine and palm trees.

We amped up the freshness meter in our Chicken Verde Chile by adding in zucchini and broccoli. The connected Carryout, Bean & Chicken Bowl, takes 10 minutes to prep. You’ll have a fresh lunch that uses the chicken you poached while making the chile and adds in sugar snap peas and TJ’s cruciferous crunch.

4 Highlights of Our New Trader Joe's Connected Meal Plan 4. Wellness in Every Bite

Furthermore, the ingredients used in the recipes are full of antioxidants and immunity building vitamins and minerals. You’ll do your body good. Give your immunity the boost it needs with ingredients like cabbage and butternut squash. Fight inflammation, the root of most diseases, with broccoli, arugula and the cruciferous crunch. We like to pack veggies into our meals because their value to our health really can’t be understated. Vegetables are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work inside our bodies to keep us from getting sick and maintain a healthy weight.

According to ChooseMyPlate.gov “people who eat more vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body.”

4 Highlights of Our New Trader Joe's Connected Meal Plan

Trader Joe’s Promise

If you’ve shopped at Trader Joe’s then you have probably seen this sign. They have it prominently posted near the checkout lines. It’s their product guarantee that assures us that we can find clean, real foods on their shelves. Every Trader Joe’s private label will be free from: artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, partially hydrogenated oils, and MSG. That’s a promise that makes us, at TimeChop, do our happy dance.

4 Highlights of Our New Trader Joe's Connected Meal Plan

The Trader Joe’s Fast and Fresh Connected Meal Plan

As you can tell we’re pretty excited about our first Trader Joe’s meal plan. Hopefully you have a TJ’s close to where you live, and whether you are a seasoned Trader Joe’s shopper or not, we believe you will love the meals in this connected meal plan. From the Core Meal to the Fresh Dinners and Carryouts it’s all good.

Be on the lookout in March for another Trader Joe’s Connected Meal Plan. Do you have a favorite product from Trader Joe’s? Leave us a comment below letting us know what it is and how you use it. Maybe we’ll include it in the next meal plan. Be well.

TimeChop is not affiliated with Trader Joe’s. All other products, brand names, company names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners, used merely to identify their respective products, and are not meant to connote any sponsorship, endorsement or approval.

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