MoJo Update Week 3: Is the Easy Weight Gone?

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I’m on a path of gradual weight loss, a continuation from a surprising 2017 realization about my relationship with food and it’s impact on exercise, physical and emotional well-being. If my theory holds, I’ll see positive improvements in all categories and an overall improvement in my work performance. I’m testing out a simple formula to confirm my body’s response to eating meals made with real/whole food ingredients, and to understand the impact of balancing exercise with the consumption of “unhealthy” snacks and drink. Each week I report my success or failure. I don’t count calories, read labels (I use TimeChop) or have a maniacal exercise plan. I’m hoping to prove that a simple lifestyle change can bring about a healthier life with higher performance, even as we age.

Week 3 Update

I’m starting to get a bit nervous as I’m 3 for 3; three weeks in which the formula says I should be trending to weight loss, and 3 weeks I’ve lost weight. Could it really be this simple?

Whole Food Nutrition Measure

Nutrition-wise I ate 19 out of 21 meals comprised solely from real/whole ingredients (TimeChop type meals). This is the absolute minimum the formula requires to be in the weight loss range. The other two I ate out at restaurants.

Moderation & Balance Measure

I indulged quite a few times last week as we had friends in town. I drank 4 really good beers and enjoyed a few handfuls of dark chocolate covered almonds. Of course I had other snacks during the week, but since they were made with real ingredients (cashews, carrots, dates, figs, RX Bar, etc.) I don’t count them. It may seem liked I worked hard nearly every day on the exercise front with a 6, but a day of skiing (2) and 3 runs (with one being an hour long) made for a fun week. I was particularly proud of the hour run as Thérèse and I hadn’t run that long in months. Did we have to exercise this much? My theory and formula said I could have missed a run, or cut the hour run in half. But when you are feeling good, why not go for it.

2018 Lifestyle Tracker

Week EndingWhole Food Nutrition (out of 21 possible)Weekly ExerciseWeekly "Beer"Formula ResultActual Result
1/6/20181956Weight LossLost 1 lb.
1/13/20182054Weight LossLost 1 lb.
1/20/20181965Weight LossLost 1 lb.
1/27/20181735Weight GainGained 1/2 lb.
2/3/20181962Weight LossLost 1/2 lb.
2/10/10182049Weight GainNo scale for weighing
2/17/10181942Weight LossPotential Loss (assumes gain in prior week)

Weekly Introspection

While I think I’m on to something that works for me, I know it will get harder to get a pound of weight loss each week. I have to keep reminding myself that my theory is about maintaining a trend and not focusing on any single week. I want to be in the weight loss or neutral zone every week, and over time, the weight will come off. That means no less than 18 whole food meals each week, and a zero net when I subtract “Beer” from Exercise.

Performance-wise, any time you launch a startup you are bound to have ups and downs. I’m finding I’m able to stay focused and positive, even when faced with huge obstacles.

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