About TimeChop®

TimeChop is the next step in a 20 year journey undertaken to identify the cause of migraines, bloating, brain fog, depression, fatigue, joint pain, skin irritations and weight gain in its founders. It’s a result of learning that exercise and calorie restrictions only go so far; that age isn’t a cause, and that medications helped soothe the symptoms but didn’t address the underlying issues.
Only through years of label reading, nutrition study and lots of kitchen trials did the real food solution appear, building a path to a vibrant, healthy life.

Our mission: improve peoples’ health by fighting chronic disease with real, whole foods.

TimeChop always contains free trials and is not funded through advertising. We believe health is a journey everyone can enjoy.
TimeChop launched in December, 2017 as the real food, time saving solution for singles and couples wanting to cook simple, healthy meals at home. We began spreading our “real food revelation” through the creation of over 250 real food, connected recipes, and teaching TimeChop cooking classes throughout the West.

Our beginnings