My Stress Less Weekend; 3 Health Conversations for TimeChop

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MoJo Update Week 5

Opportunity knocked this weekend as we travelled to see friends back in our former home town, and for our 25th annual beach weekend. I had fun, and I knew what I needed to do eating and exercise-wise to be comfortable with all the social activities. I also had enlightening health conversations with friends. Are they ready for TimeChop?

Interesting Eating Conversations

I was able to reconnect with many friends this past week. Because I am “all in” with TimeChop, they are very interested and ask “What the heck are you doing?” The conversation then leads to nutrition, my path towards being healthier and achieving higher performance, and then their eating habits.

So I reiterated. I’m testing out a simple formula to confirm my body’s response to eating meals made with clean/real ingredients, and to understand the impact of balancing exercise with the consumption of “unhealthy” snacks and drinks.

What’s Clean/Real Food?

Clean/real/whole foods are basically foods that are not processed and don’t have any additives or chemicals. 100 Days of Real Food provides a simple definition. As someone who likes to eat meat and drink beer, I’m happy that it incorporates these in addition to the abundance of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Is This You?

Here’s an example of 3 health conversations on nutrition and exercise.

  1. The Dieter: I’ve gained 15 pounds this year after losing 15 last year. I just can’t find the time to exercise. I eat pretty much anything I want. I’m really stressed.
  2. What are Vegetables?: I’ve steadily put on 4-5 pounds a year for the last 5 years. I’m exercising a few times a week, but the pounds keep adding up. I eat pretty healthy, with meat and potatoes every meal.
  3. Traveling Gym Time: I have to crank it in the gym 5 or more times per week or else I gain weight. I watch what I eat, but traveling makes it really hard to eat healthfully.

Simple Facts

Let’s shine some light on these. An article on LIVESTRONG.COM puts rebound dieting into perspective. “Nearly 65 percent of dieters return to their pre-dieting weight within three years, according to Gary Foster, Ph.D., clinical director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania. The statistics for dieters who lose weight rapidly, according to Wellsphere, a website sponsored by Stanford University, is worse. Only 5 percent of people who lose weight on a crash diet will keep the weight off. Crash diets include any unhealthy diet, from severe calorie-restriction diets to diets that consist of only a few kinds of foods.”

What about eating enough fruits and vegetables? According to a CDC study published in November 2017, only 1 in 10 adults ate the recommended amounts. And, we’ve seen a steady decline in meals eaten at home, from 82% in 1978 to 68% in 2008.
Finally, we have information from the Hartman Group in their 2016 study, finding 53% of meals are planned within 1 hour of eating.

TimeChop Trader Joes Plan – Fast and Fresh

It is so nice to have an understanding of how my body fuels, and what is considered clean fuel. I don’t have to crash diet. I’m easily eating the recommended average of fruits and vegetables every day. Plus, I can be social, have fun and not count calories. So what does this have to do with Trader Joes?

This week TimeChop launches it’s first, all Trader Joe’s meal plan; all healthy meals, designed to be fast and fresh with some south of the border flavors. Full of antioxidants and immunity building vitamins and minerals you can’t help but feel like you did your body good. You’ll start the week saving time with a one stop shopping trip to Trader Joe’s. Most nights you can have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes and your lunches ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

Eating with TimeChop will get you off rebound dieting, provide fantastic levels of diverse vegetables and save you time. We’re still working on a travel version, but the lunch options are awesome.

Lifestyle Formula Tracker

Nutrition-wise I ate 20 out of 21 meals comprised solely of real/whole ingredients (TimeChop type meals). This is near the top (95%) for a weight lost trend. However, the heavily unbalanced exercise to beer ratio of 4 to 9 makes it unlikely I’ll lose weight. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until next week to prove this out as I did not have access to a scale.

2018 Lifestyle Tracker

Week EndingWhole Food Nutrition (out of 21 possible)Weekly ExerciseWeekly "Beer"Formula ResultActual Result
1/6/20181956Weight LossLost 1 lb.
1/13/20182054Weight LossLost 1 lb.
1/20/20181965Weight LossLost 1 lb.
1/27/20181735Weight GainGained 1/2 lb.
2/3/20181962Weight LossLost 1/2 lb.
2/10/10182049Weight GainNo scale for weighing
2/17/10181942Weight LossPotential Loss (assumes gain in prior week)

Monday Journal Background

I’m on a path of gradual weight loss, a continuation from a surprising 2017 realization about my relationship with food it’s impact on exercise, physical and emotional well-being. If my theory holds, I’ll see positive improvements in all categories and an overall improvement in my work performance.

I’m testing out a simple formula to confirm my body’s response to eating meals made with real/whole food ingredients, and to understand the impact of balancing exercise with the consumption of “unhealthy” snacks and drink.

Each week I report my success or failure. I don’t count calories, read labels or have a maniacal exercise plan. I’m hoping to prove that a simple lifestyle change can bring about a healthier life with higher performance, even as we age.

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