Three Weight Loss Learnings

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With over 80% of New Year’s Diet resolutions not making it through February, here’s an honest update of my lifestyle formula experiment and my 3 key learnings from real food weight loss the past quarter. It’s Mojo week 13 and if you want to lose weight, take a long term, real whole food approach. And get TimeChop if you don’t know how to cook simple, healthy and tasty meals.

With last year’s 5% weight loss and my goal to lose another 5% this year by continuing to eat meals using real, whole food ingredients, the past 13 weeks have been full of learnings. Let’s look at the results.

Average Weekly Real, Whole Food MealsRWF PointsExercise"Fun Snacks"Exercise & Snack PointsCombined PointsFormula ForecastResults
19.1155361-69Weight LossLost 2 pounds

Q1 2018 Summary

  • I hit 91% of meals using real, whole foods
  • I averaged 4 times/week of 30 minute exercise (53 times)
  • I average 4.7 “fun” snacks each week (61)
  • I lost just under 2 pounds in 13 weeks
  • I didn’t go hungry at all or think this is too hard
  • I didn’t count a single calorie
  • I feel pretty great (but room for improvement as I start thinking about a faster 10k running time)
  • Thanks to my Apple Watch and the Health App, my VO2Max improved by nearly 5% indicating a higher level of cardiovascular fitness.

Booyah! So what are my takeaways?

Top 3 Learnings

  1. The 85/15 real food meal ratio works to maintain weight, but only if there’s balance between exercise and snacking. 
  2. Extremely gradual weight loss occurs if you eat 90% plus meals using real, whole ingredients and you can have a few more “fun snacks” than exercise. The kicker here is you have to be extremely patient and stay committed over a long timeframe.
  3. Faster weight loss can occur with 90%+ meals using real, whole ingredient meals (19+ out of 21) and minimal snacking. Stay tuned for more on this in my plan for April.

Wait a Minute. It’s Not That Easy to Lose Weight

I’m here to tell you it is. The difference between what I’m doing and going on a diet is that I’ve implemented a nutrition lifestyle change that provides my body with the nutrients it needs as opposed to counting and reducing the calories I consume. 

I eat lunches and dinners made from real, whole foods using over 80 simple recipes found in the TimeChop high performance meal planning app. (My breakfasts are real whole food smoothies.) I still go out to dinner and have a few drinks, but I now know the formula for weight maintenance and loss. Remember, I’ve been at this over 12 months, losing 5% of my body weight last year and continuing the trend this year. I’m not looking for a fad, but a long term health solution.

Looking To April

I’d like to speed up the weight loss just a bit and try to get on a path of losing 1 pound a week for the month of April. So, I’ll focus on hitting 90%+ meals using real, whole ingredients. I’ll continue with 4x/week exercise (basically 2 hours per week of jogging). The big change will be to minimize the “fun snacks” to 1 or 2 per week (down from 4.7 in Q1). This would put me near my lowest weight in over 10 years and I know I can go lower.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have on my formula, eating real, whole foods or TimeChop. Ping me at