Gluten Freedom in a Connected Meal Plan

TimeChop Kitchen Notes: Gluten Freedom in a Connected Meal Plan

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Something for Everyone

At TimeChop we strive to make clean eating simple and attainable for everyone. With this goal in mind we created a Connected Meal plan that makes eating gluten-free a breeze. Whether you are celiac, gluten sensitive, or just want to try a week of gluten-free eating you’ll love that we took care of all the substitutions for you. Now that’s what we call gluten freedom!

Gluten Freedom in a Connected Meal Plan

Toasted sweet potato slices replace bread in the open-faced pork hash sandwich.

Gluten Freedom

At first glance this meal plan might look just like the Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Veggies. However, there are several meals in that Connected Meal plan that include gluten in the ingredients. We rewrote those recipes to be gluten-free so you can experience gluten freedom! This means you won’t have to make changes to the grocery list or make substitutions in the recipes.

Gluten Freedom in a Connected Meal Plan

Core Meal

In the Connected Meal system each of our meal plans starts with a Core Meal. This Core Meal’s star is the pork tenderloin. Pork tenderloins are incredibly easy and quick to cook. If you use a meat thermometer you will end up with a perfectly cooked and delicious piece of meat that makes you look like a star chef. The leftover pork is very versatile in other recipes which makes it a great choice for a TimeChop Core Meal. Along with the pork you’ll make extra ginger-orange dressing and cook extra Brussels sprouts, baby potatoes and brown rice to be used in other meals throughout the week.

Gluten Freedom in a Connected Meal Plan

Gluten-free pasta replaces tortellini in this sausage stoup (stew/soup).

Fresh Dinners

After you choose a CoreMeal to start your week you can choose up to 6 Fresh Dinners. Three of the dinners in this gluten-free Connected Meal Plan will put the leftover pork to use in tasty meals like hash, tostadas, and fried rice. The Rainbow Quinoa Bowl and Carrot-Zucchini Rice Patties are vegetarian and the Sausage Stoup uses gluten-free pasta in a comforting warm bowl with Italian sausage and veggies. Look for the extra Brussels sprouts, baby potatoes and the ginger-orange dressing to be used in the Rainbow Quinoa Bowl.

Gluten Freedom in a Connected Meal Plan

Collard greens replace the whole wheat tortilla for a gluten-free wrap.


Carryouts are our answer to lunch on the go. These are the time saving heroes of TimeChop. Each dinner has a connected Carryout that can be prepped and ready in under 10 minutes when you do it before cleaning up after the connected Fresh Dinner or Core Meal. Unlike a leftover that is a reheated copy of a dinner, our Carryouts use some of the ingredients prepared in the dinner along with a few fresh items to make an entirely new and tasty meal.

TimeChop App

We are excited about the TimeChop app, and believe the patent pending Connected Meal system is pretty awesome. It’s the perfect solution for the solo and duo cooks who want to eat healthfully but struggle with finding time to plan, shop and cook. With TimeChop you can plan an entire week’s worth of lunches and dinners in 5 minutes. The automated shopping list makes your trip to the grocery store fast and efficient. You’ll never stand in front of the fridge at the end of a long day and wonder, “What’s for dinner?”. When it’s time to cook you’ll know you have all the necessary ingredients and you’ll have an easy to follow recipe at your fingertips.

Our users tell us that they are saving time and money using TimeChop. Download the free app on the Apple App Store and you’ll have instant access to two free Connected Meal Plans and all of the features and benefits TimeChop has to offer.

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